The aim of the Lenny Breau School of Music is to tailor each guitar program to the wants and needs of the individual student, while delivering the fundamentals needed to excel in the style(s) of preference, including Blues, Jazz, Classical, and Rock.


First Quarter:
Rhythm exercises
Major/minor scales of all 12 keys
Major/minor pentatonic scales with/without blues note
Open position chords how they move up the neck
Tri-chord and 7th chord harmony (adapting scales with chords)
Song application

Second Quarter:
Extended and altered chords
Secondary dominates
Harmonic minor scale

Third Quarter:
Melodic minor arpeggios
Chord melody including back cycles
Flat 5 substitutions
Diminished chords

Fourth Quarter:
Finger style harmonics
Sweep arpeggios
Hammer-on pull-off techniques
Hammer stroke
Advanced improvisation and composition


Founded in 1986, The Lenny Breau School of Music is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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