As the saying goes, “like father like son”. Lenny Chet Breau is a virtuoso of the guitar, and a veteran of the Manitoban music scene.

Son of the legendary Lenny Breau, (whom Chet Atkins had deemed “…the greatest guitar player in the world”), Lenny Chet Breau Jr. began studying music under his father's guidance at just seven years of age. After graduating from the Los Angeles Musicians Institute of Technology, Lenny Jr. founded the Lenny Breau School of Music in Winnipeg, Canada.

When Lenny Jr. (most call him Chet) is not teaching, he is doing studio sessions and performing live concerts and radio shows. Performing alongside many of Canada’s finest musicians over the years, he has also had the opportunity to play with the likes of Randy Bachman and Joe Pass. In 2006 he released a full-length album, Lone Pine III, to critical acclaim, receiving four out of five stars from the Winnipeg Free Press. The album, a tribute to Lenny Sr., displays Chet’s mastery of a vast array of styles including jazz, flamenco, country, blues and fingerstyle guitar. His second album, a blues EP recorded with his newly formed band, The Lenny Chet Breau Band, was released in 2016. A follow-up jazz EP is currently in the works. 

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